Live Like Your Dying Mission

November 7, 2011
By New-new BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
New-new BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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Introduction: A mission statement is a statement of a company or organization. But in this speech it is a statement or purpose of my life. Something I live by and something I say every single morning.

Body: My mission statement is: “Live Like You’re Dying”. In case you’re wondering that it is also lyrics from a song. One of my favorite songs. Back to the subject though. It’s my mission statement because it means to have fun and not be all sad and depressed for no reason. You are supposed to be happy, have fun, and live in peace. That’s why I’m always happy. I live like every day is my last.

Closing: My mission statement is to “Live Like You’re Dying”. Enjoy your time on earth. Don’t dread it because soon you will be gone or dead. Smile, laugh, learn, and live. Thank you for your time.

Like Your Dying! Aryah Washington

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This is Dedicated to my father! this is also a witing project just wanted to post it out to the world>

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