In the Mind of that One Weird Girl Walking Down the Hallway

October 19, 2011
How does my hair look? God, I shouldn’t of worn this, it’s making people look at me. They would of stared anyway, I’m so fat. Uh, my acne is never going to go away. My shoes are so ugly, but my feet were too big for any of the pretty shoes. I don’t want to stare at them, but then I’d have to look up. Look up and see everyone staring and laughing at how grotesque I am. And everyone who see my face, my horrible face. My eyes are too big and top lip is too thin and my noise is just weird looking. I wish I could just disappear. Just go hide in a corner somewhere where no one will ever notice me. Or lay in some deep hole in a box. Just lay there where I can’t hear them and they can’t see me. Yeah, just escape all my problems, escape my unpleasant body. Just slip away, just slip away.

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