Sucess is Greater than Happiness

October 17, 2011
By robert gieseke BRONZE, Pascoag,ri, Rhode Island
robert gieseke BRONZE, Pascoag,ri, Rhode Island
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I have many beliefs that I live by, but only one is the most important to me. The belief I have that is the most important is that success is nothing without happiness. I believe this because you could be the richest person on the earth, and still not be completely happy.
It is possible not to be happy while rich, because if you aren’t doing something you love and find satisfying or fulfilling, you aren’t really successful. As the saying goes, you can’t buy happiness and if you have plenty of money but aren’t doing what you have always dreamed it isn’t true success. Although you can be physically satisfied, it is always temporary. If you are spiritually satisfied that happiness will last forever through both good and bad times.
Another way success doesn’t equal happiness is how you got to that point. You can always cheat, lie, and steal your way to success but you won’t be happy because you will always be looking over your shoulder thinking that someone will do it to you. It will weigh on your conscience and keep you from peace and rest. There is no way to lie or steal or cheat your way to true happiness. There is only one way to get to happiness and that is to be good to others and that good will be returned to you.
Poor people can sometimes be the happiest people you meet. Someone who doesn’t have a home doesn’t have to worry about paying a mortgage or bills. They might not know when their next meal is coming from, but they are grateful for what they have. Some people who have a lot of money don’t appreciate anything and can’t have enough money and will stop at nothing to get more. There is however a small group of people who have enough money and are grateful for what they have and give money to those who are less fortunate then themselves. These people are truly happy, both spiritually and physically.
Lastly and most importantly happiness is greater than success because happiness promotes self esteem which is the feeling that you are important just the way you are and you don’t need to change for anyone or anything. This means that you are happy with your life and you’re satisfied with yourself. You don’t have to rely on anyone else. Success is always demanding more and more of you. If you make one great profitable improvement people are always expecting you to top that achievement. If you can’t, your self esteem is lowered and people’s confidence in you is also lowered, just because you couldn’t have enough success. This leads to stress which leads to lack of rest or peace which makes you less and less successful until you are completely miserable and have hit rock bottom.
I, personally, would much rather be happy than rich or successful. I wouldn’t want all the pressure on me. That is why happiness is infinitely better than success.

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XYZZ said...
on Nov. 17 2011 at 10:20 am

but shouldn't the title be happiness is greater than success according to your context?



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