we all have the power to change the world

October 16, 2011
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For me there are certain guide lines if you will that I believe every person has to live by, in order to live out a normal day to day life. I believe one person has the power to change the world. I feel that if I haven’t made an impact on the people that surround me in a positive way throughout the day, my day was wasted. Everything I do has a direct impact on my surroundings. If I go around littering someone else sees that and says it’s ok if I do that, other people are. If I run around yelling at others they are put into the same attitude. If I take my schooling seriously then some of my class mates will to. Our actions and words affect others which affects others and so on thus changing the world.

A personal example of a time I affected someone else was when I was I was in elementary school and I was not the “coolest” or the most “popular”, but I wasn’t picked on as much as some of the other kids. There was this one person who always got picked on and made fun of because he was different. One day at recess he was getting made fun of because of the color of his shirt or something not worth making fun of him for. I remember thinking the look on his face said he was in more pain than someone paying for lunch in the cafeteria at Mount. I knew the right thing to do was to go help him but I didn’t want to be targeted next. I decided if that was me I would want someone to stick up for me. So I went over to the group of troublemakers. Then all at once they looked at me and their gaze was truly piercing. It felt like they knew everyone of my deepest darkest secrets and weaknesses. I regretted my decision to help this person immediately, but knew it was too late to go back. I marched up to them as confidently as I possibly could and said “don’t u guys have something better to do”. Then all their collected hate, animosity, and general ill will came at me. They threw a few hateful comments at me thinking it would scare me off, but I stood my ground. They realized I was right they had better things to do. Instead of making fun of me some more they just laughed at me and walked away. I asked the kid if he was ok he said he was, but I knew he was hurt. I gave him a nice pep talk and he seemed better. I knew I’d hear from the bullies again though.

I might not have affected the whole world by standing up to those bullies, but I definitely affected the kid who was getting picked on. I hope he saw me attempt a courageous act and learned by helping others we can change the world or at least a small part of it.
Changing the world doesn’t always turn out the way you hope. I have made mistakes before that have change the world for the worse. If we make a wrong choice we should try our best to fix it. Think of it this way, if you get your head stuck in the spokes that hold up a railing you can get yourself out. Its not easy to change the world back and if you have ever tried to change the world for good or bad you’d know that it’s not easy and at times seems impossible. However I believe that changing the world isn’t something that you do because you feel like it it’s something you do or try to do that you are willing to fight for. I have fought for a cause that I thought was just, and then came to the conclusion that I needed to be doing the opposite. Changing the world is a tricky thing because there are two sides to every story. You can be doing something you think if good but others think the contrary. For example the war in Iraq we thought was the “right” thing to do but they now hate us for it and thought it was not deserved.

I firmly believe each person is given the power to change the world. Weather they chose to use this power for the better or the worse is up to them. I try from day to day to change the world for the better.

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