Being Right

October 16, 2011
I don’t understand what it means to be right.
Maybe that’s the excuse we give to fight.
Somebody has to be wrong. Somebody has to be right.
Maybe being right means we have all the answers.
But if we all have reasons, maybe we have different answers.
So where do we get the answers?
Do we get them from God?
We don’t all believe in the same god.
Fighting isn’t going to change what we believe in.
Maybe it’s more important that we just believe.
Maybe I’m naive. Maybe that’s what I believe.
But I don’t want to have to fight to prove that I’m right.
We fight because we’re hurt. But fighting just ends up with people hurting, people dying in more ways than one.
Maybe we’re all just doing as much as we can to survive.
It’s a big world.
There are billions of people, billions of opinions, billions of people hurting.
There are billions of answers, billions of reasons.
Why are some reasons more accepted than others?
Why can’t everybody be right? Why can’t everybody be wrong?
Why do we even have to be right or wrong?
In the end, to be right just ends up causing pain.
Why can’t we just walk away accepting that everybody is hurting, everybody believes, and everybody has a reason?
Why can’t we just be?
There are too many answers, too many choices, too much hate because we don’t agree.
Maybe we just need to love and accept that people don’t all see things the same way as us.
Maybe we need to put more focus into understanding people and less into changing them.
Stop hating people because they are different, because they believe different things.
Stop hating "people." Stop hating boys, stop hating girls, stop hating adults, stop hating children, stop hating animals, stop hating. Not everybody is the same.
There is no perfection.

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