We Need World Changes!

October 16, 2011
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What I have here is just one more attempt, an attempt to change this dying and evil-consumed world; what I have with me is the hope that people will read and pass this on.
I’m nothing but a girl from a certain country, with a certain view of the world. No, let me correct this: I’m not nothing, I’m a girl, I’m a Human Being, I’m a Person. I have a name, an identity. An imperfect one, but an Identity. I try to always be better tomorrow. Hi, my name is Luisa, I’m brazilian, as well as portuguese, I’m 17 years old, and this article is probably the most profound one I’ve ever written.
I found myself reading an argument between muslims and christians. Not about religion, but about hate, about how they where going to kill each other. Just words coming out, just because they were angry? The profanities they were saying; the plans to destroy innocent cities and kill innocent people. Well, how innocent are we, actually?
I feel sorry for the World, I feel ashamed to be called Human. We live on this beautiful Planet, where everyone is Unique, but tries to be "normal". Religion should bring Harmony to all of us, and all the wars and killings that happened in history should have taught us that we are choosing the wrong path. We should care about what people think, what people say, and what they believe. We have so many duties and so much more rights, and even those we forget about. I'm speaking, not in the name of any espiritual or "physical" god, I'm speaking for Me and for my Soul, for what I Believe. Stop hating others because they don't share your opinions and stop forcing people to believe in what you believe. It doesn't matter what religion you believe in, what god you believe in, what clothes you wear, what you look and sound like - Respect People, Respect the World. We are in this planet for some reason, we are not just bodies living here one time only and then "dying" - the end; We are diferent than everything ever created, something inside Us never dies, something inside Us will know whether you kill or have been killed, whether you're doing the Right Thing or just not caring. I know it's hard to live with the Difference, to face people who are peremptory and will want everything they own way, but those who have Faith - faith that we can be better tomorrow -, those will Accomplish their Goal, to be "Teachers of Love". I repeat, don't force people, just show them your views and let them know you're Willing to listen to theirs; Recognize each view as a New Learning and try to take the Positive things out of it. Life is hard, but it's nothing we can't endure. Humans have yet a giant Diamond inside of them, that can be polished and turned into the most Beautiful thing. So please, don't be mean to each other, don't let the hate get to your Heart, don't let evil get inside you. Forgive and Move On, because there are people who Accept you as you are.
I won’t bow to gods or religions, to difference, to money and globalization, to hate, to evil, to “closed eyes”, to “closed mouths”, to starvation, to crisis, to people who think they’re poor and have no considerations about famine or drought - the real poverty. No. I won’t apologize to those who are offended to the words I’ve written. I believe they speak the truth, the truth I believe in. We’re nothing but couch potatoes, fabricated robots, thinking that our problems are bigger and that “it’s society’s fault”. No, it’s not. It’s your fault, it’s my fault, it’s everybody’s fault.We have it all, and we’re wasting it all.
I will bow to Peace, to Good, to those who have enough courage to turn their pathetic lives into an everyday struggle, fighting starvation, fighting death, helping others - and that’s not definitely by praying; I bow to Simplicity, to Faith.
I bow before Love.
I conclude this probably already failed attempt, saying that we have got to slap ourselves in the face, we have got to wake up and start thinking about what are we doing and what can we do, to make this world a better World, to turn ourselves into better Human Beings, into better People.

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Emilio Roche said...
Nov. 2, 2012 at 9:54 am
I think this is brutal #YOLO
malatov2 said...
Oct. 20, 2011 at 8:06 pm
corperation heads are murders, a life for a million lives.
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