October 13, 2011
By maw123 BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
maw123 BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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Being in gangs are dangers.There different kinds of gangs there dressing groups and groups that are here just to create violence.Boys are not the only ones in gangs their girl gangs to!

Gangs original started in California. California gangs were so huge that they had people that didn't stay in California in there gang.The large gang now is bloods. Bloods are all over the United states.They walk around with red due rags in there pocket or around there heads. Some where all red to parties and other events.

High schools have gangs also.Teenagers take being in gangs to a different level.If you are a teenager in a gang you are usual forced into doing things they dont want to do.Teenage gangs are the dangerous thing ever in New Orleans . They kill people for stuff that doesn't matter .

Dressing gangs are hardly in trouble. They start getting in to trouble when another dressing group gets mad that they dress better than them .So they end up killing each other or in jail because the way they dress.

In the end gangs can get you in more trouble then you think .Its never good to be in a group . Say no to gangs .

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