Bullying Special Needs People

September 9, 2011
By 14rwaldrop BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
14rwaldrop BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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My mom is an Occupational Therapist and she works with children with mental disabilities and special needs. Like down syndrome, autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation, speech problems, etc..

Children and adults with special needs may be different then most of us.They might not be as most of you call "normal". But they are still human, and deserve the respect.

I'm tired of hearing people talk crap about people with special needs.

Sometimes I am with my friends and we see someone with special needs, they start laughing and pointing, and I automatically go off on my friends and tell them that they need to learn respect.

I kind of understand how people with special needs are, because I have a 16 year old brother that has autism, and its hard for me to see that his "friends" make fun of him.

One day I wish that people with special needs can just live life without being bullied, made fun of, teased, etc.

It needs to stop! NOW!

Just accept them for who they are, they might look different, and act different, but they are just like us. Most of them have great personalities.

I have a mission that I would like for all of you to try, like if you see a person with special needs and they are all alone, go up to them start a conversation, become friends with them, that's all they need, is friendship and love, someone to be there for them.
And if you hear someone talking crap or making fun of people with special needs, and disabilities, can you at least stop them, go up to them and tell them they need to learn respect, and just try and stop them.

You don't know what they are going through, they live a hard life, some might not be able to write, walk, or even talk.
But you have no right to make fun of them!

I'magine if you were the one with special needs, and EVERYONE made fun of you.
I'magine how much it would hurt.

Sometimes, when I see or hear someone making fun of people with special needs, I feel like punching that person in the face, or breaking down and randomly crying.. because imagine how much it hurts to be made fun of.

Like probably most of you get made fun of by other people and you're completely "normal" as you say. But you find it entertaining to just make fun of people with "problems" like special needs and disabilities.

One day I hope it all stops, and people with special needs would be accepted for who they are.
Sometimes, they can be the NICEST people ever.
They are all different in their own special way.
And i accept them for who they are.

The author's comments:
I got really tired of people making fun of special needs children. They're no different then us. People need to understand that.

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Mucho creepy said...
on Oct. 19 2011 at 10:18 am
I totaly agree we should stop!!!!

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