U.S. Army Hear Me Out

September 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I'ts the choice we made a long time ago. Before you, before the others that came before you. It was about making a difference in my life, in your life, in lives, in the lives of thousands of strangers. It was the defining moment in our lives. It happened the moment we signed our name and became a solider, a solider, an airman, a Marine, a firefighter, aparamedic, a police officer.
We knew the scarifices we were making. We knew there would be missed diners, missed school plays, missed little league games, long hours, long nights low pay. We were ok with that. We ARE ok with that. You knew what to expect when you met us. We explained it to you. We made you understand. You said you did. You said you would be OK with it. Are you? Are you really? Then why do you act like you do? Why do you get mad?Why do you say such hurtful things? Why do you blame us? This is not what I "do"... it's who I "am". I'm ok with it... why can't you be?

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