Another Look in the Mirror

September 1, 2011
By Anonymous

She stands in front of the mirror, eyes filled with disgust, pinching every inch of fat like it will crumble in her fingers. This scene has been occurring in multiple teen girl bedrooms ever since the media has been praising anorexic models with men, money, and fame. Not only in the fashion magazines, but the tabloids focus greatly on actresses weights, making fun if they are too skinny or too fat. The main things to remember are that the body is still changing, everyone is built differently, and being healthy is the main goal.

Being a teenager, as cliche as it sounds, is a time of discovery. The body and mind are blank slates, being written on and revised; shaped and molded to the person who will most likely be on their own soon. During this time, picking up a magazine and seeing a skinny model is difficult. She looks like a doll, those clothes look amazing on her. This is the smoke screen of the runway-model-actress world. To achieve the look that is presented as beautiful, girls will resort to anorexia, bulimia, and dieting. The effect these diseases have on the body are terrible. Though the skinny image will be achieved, it will be a weak, sickly frame. That is no way to treat a growing body.

That being said, skinny girls get picked on too! By being surrounded with news on celebrities having an eating disorder, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that that frail girl is bulimic. Maybe they are, or maybe they really aren’t. Everyone is born with a different body. Empower every girl that they are beautiful, not just curvy ones. Along with that, not every curvy girl is unhealthy. Stop before judging another girl by how she looks, they are probably going through the same difficulties and worries!

If it is believed that one’s health is bad, consult a doctor They can set up a nutritionist so a proper diet will be enforced. By doing this, the body will change it’s look naturally. The most beautiful girls are healthy ones. With a healthy diet comes better hair, skin, and nails too! It also can get rid of drowsiness and pimples. With benefits like that, there is no need to want to be someone who doesn’t take care of their body. Being naturally beautiful is more rewarding and will last a lifetime.

Magazines and any other media is not always positive. Though it may look as if they know what is best, staying true to oneself is what really counts. Being accepting and healthy are the goals! Saying, “As if!” to overly skinny models and encouraging other girls that they are beautiful is the best way around turning self-conscious. If every girl could look in the mirror and remember that Earth is just a pale blue dot, their lives would be much happier!

The author's comments:
Simple: media has a negative effect on girls' weight. This is a serious issue with an easy solution!

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