Partir c’est mourir un peu

August 28, 2011
By yasmeentepa PLATINUM, Oran, Other
yasmeentepa PLATINUM, Oran, Other
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« Parting is such a sweet sorrow ». That’s what I keep telling myself, but it doesn’t work. We can say good bye to people, pets, objects, and memories...whatever we want, even though it’s never easy. Getting separated from what or who we cherish maybe a hard business. Few are those who get over it with no trouble or effort. But a t the end, it comes a day when you do it, you might not have a choice, however you make successfully. You forget and move on, for the simple reason that nothing lasts forever. a day or another, you will face this situation. You will have to leave somebody or something, to say goodbye and turn the page even if it remains a painful experience. but this is life. I’ve said goodbye more than once; but each time i say it, it sounds like the end of the world, like I’m leaving a part of me. I’ve done it before but it seemed like the first time ever. We can’t choose who to leave and who to stay with or what to keep what to throw, what to remember and what to forget. We take different ways, yet it’s the same direction. If you are hurt while parting, if you cry or get upset know that the one or the thing you are saying goodbye to has a place in your heart and no matter what happens it will remain in THAT place, it will remain with YOU.

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