Same Sex Marriage

August 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Would you do anything to fight for the one you love? Most of you are probably answering yes and so am I. Same sex marriage and relationships have been degraded and judged against for centuries. There has to be a point in time when you must let people be happy and whether it is with the opposite or same gender should not matter. I have three questions for you. What if the politician who represented your politic party was homosexual? What if you yourself found yourself falling in love with someone of the same gender? What if your child was gay?

Are you a person who is an active voter or involved in politic topics? A lot of today’s society is one of the following political parties: republican, democratic, or neutral. Say the politician who is representing your political party you follow has an openly homosexual background, are you going to change parties just because of their sexual orientation? Would you change all your views just because of who that person loves? Meanwhile that person most likely has all the normal views on the main subjects in that political party.

No one can control who they fall in love with, it happens naturally. Love is one of our strongest emotions and one of the hardest to get over. In a personal experience, I found myself growing feelings for someone of the same gender. I never planned on it and never thought that way before but the way that person made me feel was different. Even though society’s view told me it was wrong I still went with it because my heart told me it was right. Why should my love for this girl be different then the love that heterosexual couples have? Plain and simple it shouldn’t be looked at as different. This nation fought for equality and freedom for everyone. Why should people from the gay community be treated differently and not get the same rights. We are in the twenty-first century, where so many topics that were looked down upon are becoming a trend. People’s views are growing more accepting on issues that have negative connotations. I didn’t hold back my true feelings for this girl, and neither should you for the one you truly care about.

A person’s children are supposed to be their most important priority in their life. Parents are suppose to give their child unconditional love throughout life. The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest connections around. I personally know my parents would die for me and accept me for how I truly am. That means the world to me considering they are the most important and influential people in my life. A lot of people who come out are not as lucky to have such accepting parents. If you really love your child why should it matter who they have feelings for? That doesn’t change who they are as a person, it changes who they hold hands with. So say you do accept your child for who they are, don’t you want them to be happy? How would it make you feel not to get to see your child get married because society and government doesn’t think it’s appropriate? I know in either shoes, whether the child or parent I would be upset. They deserve all the rights that heterosexuals are granted.

Politics, personal experiences, or even your children can fall subject to discrimination because of sexual orientation. They can be stripped of the basic rights everyone else has such as marriage. No one should be told they can’t marry the one they love because of their gender. That’s not equality or freedom which our nation is based upon. That is ignorance and cruelty towards everyone. The sanctity of marriage should be open to two people in love, not just one man and one woman. Love comes in all forms and is a valued trait that everyone should be able to embrace. I am a vehement supporter of gay marriage.

The author's comments:
I hope to try to change some people's view on gay marriage since it is such a big issue in today's society.

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