What's the Harm?

August 20, 2011
By Anonymous

In recent years, the topic of same- sex marriage has come into view. Although it is controversial, any subject affecting the life of one person let alone millions of people deserves attention. We live in a changing world, and everyone could benefit from a little compassionate realization.

Over the years, social expectations have changed. Although it may not have been acceptable to display homosexuality fifty years ago, it’s the twenty first century. We must learn from our past. Openly gay service members were once unhallowed to serve in the United Sates military, but the same service members are now being accepted on a national level. Laws prohibiting gay marriage today are no different than laws that prohibited biracial marriage in the past. Those laws were once abolished, as I hope prohibiting same- sex marriage will be.

Not allowing same- sex marriage, only affects those who cannot marry. There are many citizens who find the concept of homosexuality unnatural and wrong, but whether the people that they frown upon are with or without wedding bands will not affect their opinions. To a bystander, it is simply a wedding band, but to the men and women who will say their vows, it is a loving relationship, a caring partner that will stay with them through thick and thin. It is someone that will make life or death decisions for them in their time of need, decisions that may only be made by a recognized family member.

Please be considerate. Millions of people struggle with their sexuality every day, and disapproval is not making it any easier. You are welcome to your opinions and are free to express them, but next time you speak up, think about the negative effect you may have on a person’s life. Do they deserve it?

The author's comments:
I hope that by writing this article I will help people to think about the effect that their thoughts and actions have on other people.

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