August 5, 2011
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“Hey. When are we going to get our invites for your party?” “Yeah, it’s going to be a Facebook event so make sure to check Facebook!” That’s only one out of a million situations in people today. Facebook can harm humans, physically and mentally, in many different ways.
To begin, Facebook can be used as social connections in a good way. Finding friends you’ve lost track of, chatting, Facebook events, pictures, and videos are all a good way to connect but what happens when Facebook dominates your life? Every single day you log on to chat your friends, check newsfeed, and make a new status; it could be ruining your life! What happened to get active? According to statistics, every single person spends 700 billion minutes just on Facebook in a month. As Facebook controls lives, the more you stay on that chair, staring at that computer screen, and the less you get up and active. More and more kids are getting obese and not getting to be able to see nature. They are missing out on their everyday lives!
In addition to that, teens use Facebook about 4 hours each day. 4 hours a day wastes a lot of electricity. Think about how much energy and money you would be saving if you cut that down to 1 hour a day and if you turned off your computer when it’s not in use, it could save around $90 dollars a year. Teens are going to be affected later in life with all these environmental problems when really, they’re causing the problems by just logging on Facebook and sitting on their chairs not getting any glimpse of nature or fresh air.
A final example is that it cuts all other social connections to your friends and family such as calling each other or hanging out. I’m sure teens still hang out but not as much as before ever since Facebook and phones have developed. Try contacting your friends in a different way like walking to their house or meeting at a park, something athletic and not internet-wise. You can save that for later.
So in conclusion, Facebook is physically and mentally bad for you. Sitting there every single day, wasting electricity, gaining weight, and cutting all social connections so go green, exercise, get up, and pull the plug and save yourself before it’s too late.

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