Should Gay Marriages be Accepted?

July 31, 2011
By RachelM BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
RachelM BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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Who are we to decide what is right or wrong? Sure we all have the greater gods or ourselves to help us make a decision, but is it right to share that out loud? It all depends on the situation. People speak up about the issue on rise of taxes, whether an abortion should be allowed, and whether gay marriages should be accepted throughout the countries and states of the world. Gay marriages however, should be allowed no matter the race or color of skin, or the gender of the person.
First off, we are all people. We are all on this Earth for the same purpose, to live the best life we can. So who can stop some people from doing that? Whether your lesbian, gay, bi, or straight, everyone deserves the chance to live happily marrying whoever they choose to marry. Just because two people of the same sex enjoy each others company, does not mean they should be attacked by the ignorant people of this world. We are all equal, or at least that’s what came to mind from reading the Declaration of Independence.
Based on what has been seen, gays or bisexuals are no different. In school for example, straights and gays become friends. Best friends in this case. The younger the person is when they meet a gay or lesbian, the more accepting they are to the idea. But sometimes the person becomes more ignorant about the idea over time. In school, lesbians and gays have been seen to inherit the same traits as straight people. They are gifted with the qualities of kindness, respectfulness, and even humor. So how come they are often disrespected and put down when they can be the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Just because they like the same sex, does not mean they do not have the same intentions in life as others.
We have all heard of the fabric of society, which means the way the social order is put together. Many people believe that the fabric is where one man and one woman marry and reproduce to keep society moving. Of course same sex marriages would not be following this same guideline, but this guideline is merely an idea, not a rule. We can see that in the following countries and states; Canada, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, Vermont, California, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and so on. Although the whole world is not all legal for gay marriages, there are many places that have accepted them and made these marriages legal. So there is one question that can be asked based on this information. Are gays really the ones destroying the fabric of society, or is it the impolite citizens that can’t accept other human beings?
In the end, I do believe same sex marriages should occur all around the world. The gays of this world are no different, and are only looking for a future for themselves as well as the straight people of the Earth. Although people can be rude and ignorant, it is not for them to make the decisions to judge and ruin the life of others. Same sex marriages have begun to appear more and more in places around the world, and it should not stop growing in states and other countries until everyone, whether your gay or not, is living the way they want to, marrying the person they choose to.

The author's comments:
Gay marriages is something I hear about all the time since I go to school with people who are gay and lesbian. So by writing this essay I just feel like I get to share my opinion to others based on my life at school.

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