Who really gives a Damn?

July 25, 2011
By Anonymous

OK here it goes! This is exactly what it sounds like! Who gives a damn? About anything? Life is just a circle of random chance and happenings! Why drive your self crazy trying to plan things out? Or trying to justify actions? Things happen! The point is to accept and to simply survive! All other things are rendered obsolete! For example if a parent died what would you do? A normal person would wail, scream, and make a general ruckus. But a sensible person would do the exact opposite! They would mourn of course, but they would accept that it had happen and not try to deny it with there tears. Really if you want to be happy just accept the bad that happens and don't call it uncalled for! There is nothing controlling the good and the bad coming for you! You need to take control of your life and say WHO GIVES A DAMN!

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