July 23, 2011
By devanshi BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
devanshi BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
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It is rightly quoted by James Baldwin, “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor”. If we think that India is on the path of development, then let us get up from our dreams and hop into the reality that is constantly telling us that although India is developing on its economic front but still, the back trodden society of ours is under that cave of poverty from which it is very difficult over power it. The poor cannot always reach those whom they love and they can hardly ever escape from those whom they no longer love. The poor society of our country is going through such a critical situation that they cannot even afford to buy happiness. The government have taken several measures and issued several policies for the betterment of the poor societies but the never ending population has made all of them less effective.

The headlines today consist of the criminal records like murders, kidnaps etc. these are mostly done by the people who are devoid of their usual needs. Just think over one thing that if the poor are provided with their rights, would these things still exist? Just once, think over the question. Concluding, I would repeat, If this devilish word- poverty did not exist, there would not exist any death. We all feel, the problem would be solved but we never put in an effort to solve it. Lets make a difference, we all can make a change but lets now make a change today. What today we can do is to put our effort for the welfare or in future, welfare will be a hand-up not a hand-out

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the poor state of the poor people!

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