Teen Pregnancy

July 18, 2011
By Anonymous

One hot summer day, you find yourself sitting on the couch telling yourself that it's too humid to go outside and that you'd rather watch tv instead. You pick up the remote and start flipping through channels not particularly seeing anything until you notice it: Teen Mom.
The word kind of fascinates you and horrifies you at the same time. It doesn't fascinate you in the way that you would now want a baby, but in the sense that there are actual girls your age and even younger who are going through this nightmare. And everything about their whole situation horrifies you- and yet, you can't stop watching.
The show follows four girls toting around their babies, and we, as a teenage crowd, can't stop watching. At least, that's what MTV tells us when they release their total views and ratings.
These girls are featured on tv shows, online, and in magazines, just because they happen to have a baby. And for young girls who happen to be watching, this may seem glamorous, even a bit like something they would want to pursue.
But it's a thought and a want that we have to try to diminish, because by the time it becomes a reality for them, there is no going back.

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