Meat Animal Rights

July 2, 2011
By , Petaluma, CA
I have been a vegetarian my entire life. It may seem bias for me to choose this topic, but it is one I feel very strongly about. I feel that most people don’t understand what goes on during the production of meat products. It’s almost as if they are unable to relate what they hear and even watch about slaughterhouses to the steak sitting in their refrigerator.

I believe it is part of the human mentality to want what you can’t have. Many people I have interviewed about becoming a vegetarian stated that they had tried many times, but where unable to keep their new diet. They all said the same thing: even though they hardly ever ate meat, when they gave it up they wanted it like never before.

There are many videos all over the internet about slaughterhouses and how the animals are treated. They are treated like objects in a very inhumane way. When they are butchered they are shot in the forehead, but many are still alive and live through the bleeding and sometimes even the gutting. They feel pain just like humans.

Before they are butchered, these animals are kept in very small stalls, and sometimes crates, and have no room to move and fulfill their animal instincts. They are miserable and often suffer their entire lives in these small crates.

The living conditions in which these animals spend their lives are very unsanitary and many end up getting diseases. Humans eat the meat and with it, the disease. This is not only dangerous for the animals, but for the humans that consume them.

I can understand why it is hard for most people to give up meat, but I propose that we educate people about the way animals are treated and try to limit our meat consumption. So many animals are killed everyday and a lot of the meat will end up rotting in the back of someone’s refrigerator. It is truly horrible that the animal’s life was completely wasted just to end up being thrown in the trash.

I also suggest that we make laws concerning the sanitary conditions of the slaughterhouses to make not only the animals safer, but a vast amount of people as well.

The greatest tool in making a difference is education. We can use magazine articles and the internet to spread awareness. These are resources that are right before us, we just need to take advantage of them. If we can educate people about these animal rights and the threat they pose to each and every person who eats meat on a regular basis than it is very possible our voices will be heard.

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ael429 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 20, 2011 at 11:46 am
The problem isn't meat in general, it's the mass-produced meat. My father runs a beef farm, and those cows are living the life. Just buy local meat from small shops for a higher price instead of cheap meat from the grocery store that has been butchered at a huge slaughterhouse. I think if your article refuted opposing arguments like this one, it would be stronger.
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