June 28, 2011
Cyber-Bullying creates great damages, causes death and harasses people. People identify Cyber-bullying as when you intentionally attack someone and directly say something mean or hurtful. Students spread rumors on the web about other students. Rumors spread rapidly on the web then on pieces of notes because you could easily find it by viewing wall post or recent news feed. Some students do stuff anonymously in order to keep their Identity safe and out of trouble. Students criticize other students on the way they look, smell or their nationality or your sexual appearance. This could create great depression to anyone who this has been done to.
Ruthless behaviors lead to suicide or assassination. Many kid/teens have taking their life away because of the pressure or the hard time other people are giving them. On the web, someone might see something mean or hurtful and take this seriously or in other word “taking it to the head” and become paralyze. They don’t feel like doing nothing, eating or drinking, and feel like their life isn’t worth it anymore. Some feel embarrassed and say nothing can be done in order to resolve their problem or stop the criticism. So there first step is talking to someone. Depending on the situation, talking to someone might not always work. If it doesn’t, their second option is taking their life away. It’s upsetting to hear what risk students take in order to end the humiliation. Together we could stop bullying!
Cyber-bullying could happen to anyone. From super stars to college students or middle school student, cyber-bullying would hurt them. Anything could be said or done on the web. People’s reputation could be ruined because EVERYONE could see if it is on the web. If you put yourself on a student who has been bullied shoes, how would you feel? Disappointed? Or very miserable? Then why make others feel that way. To conclude, this letter shows that cyber bullying is bad and that cyber bullying should have a stop.

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