Am i too BIG ,too small ,or just right?

June 28, 2011
By babiebri9897 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
babiebri9897 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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I use to go into the store and look at so many clothes that I wanted. But the only problem was that I couldn’t fit into them. All the sizes would be a 12 or below; I was in plus size. I always left the store depressed; I thought I was just too big.
Every time I went over my grandfather’s house (moms side), my grandfather would always say something about my weight; he would always say that I got bigger, I wanted to change that. To make my situation even worse my dad’s mom had came over my house and mentioned me being bigger. She didn’t mean it as in I got fat but as in I’m growing so fast. I took it the wrong way and ended up crying for two weeks.
A month later I wanted to make a change about my weight. I was going to a new school and didn’t want to known as the “FATGIRL”. I would stop eating most days; my teachers started to worry about me. I told them I was fine and that I wasn’t hungry, even though I was. I knew I was overweight and so did everybody else; my own doctor told me I was. I felt out of place. I knew I wanted to make a change in my body and I was going through with it this time.
By the end of 6th grade I had lost a lot of weight but I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to lose even more. I got so obsessed with losing weight that I ended up losing too much. Now everybody was saying I was too skinny. I felt like no matter what I did, everybody would always criticize me about my weight.
Even today all my friends and family think I’m too skinny , but there are some people in your life that understand and will support you and tell you your perfect the way you are; that you don’t need to change anything about yourself. You should listen to those people who support you.
Don’t let clothing stores and people tell you that your too big , too small , too skinny , too fat , or that you need to gain or lose weight. You are perfect the way you are and don’t let anyone tell that you aren’t.

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