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June 10, 2011
By Ang1996 BRONZE, N. Waterboro, Maine
Ang1996 BRONZE, N. Waterboro, Maine
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Last year I volunteered during winter and summer brake. I enjoyed every minute of it. I volunteered at my day care, Once Upon A Time, that I went to. I just liked interacting with the kids. Just talking to them can get anyone in a good mood, but what really is community service? Well its voluntary work. Community service is a good thing to have on record. All high schools should require community service hours, in order to graduate high school.

Community service is what colleges are looking for. For example, UNE had a Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Colleges used to just look for if you did any hours, but now they are looking for the commitment of community service. For example “a student who has worked at the same literacy center for many days a week for three years will garner more nods of approval than one who has spent an hour a week for just a month, though both efforts are admirable,” says Collage

It teaches you responsibility with out getting a profit. It also gives you something to do with all your extra time. Lots of people think why should they give up their time, and work for nothing this doesn't help them at all. People like this I find selfish. You can’t bother to help out. Now I can understand adults with kids, and 2 or 3 jobs, but teens? Lots of them all summer just sit around playing video games. This is very unproductive.

One benefit could be it would increase someones ability to stay on task,social and communication skills. Volunteering is the perfect way to feel involved with your community.

There are many different was to get your hours of community service. Many people think community service is boring. Its your choice on what type of service you want to do. You could do something that you enjoy, like if you like little kids. you could volunteer at a day care, preschool, or a summer camp. If little kids isn’t your thing you might like animals. You could have your hours at a farm, or just a local vet.

The hours required depends on what school you go to. To find this out you would have to go to your high school teacher/guidance counselor, and ask about community service hours.

So the next time you say I’m bored, or theres nothing to do, look back on this, and think about how you could be helpful to our community.

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Think about it you might have fun with it :)

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