Groom, You May Kiss the .......Groom?

May 25, 2011
By Hallo BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
Hallo BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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Opinions change the world, sometimes in helpful ways, perhaps granting someone freedom, or outlawing something harmful. However, some can be painful. Whether opinions harm or help can be the monumental difference. That’s why I would like to share mine with you, so that I may give you some insight on the opinion. Although the issue is somewhat over talked, gay marriage is an impending “issue” that has been rocking the lives of millions for years.
As most of you know, gay marriage is legal in a number of countries and states, the majority of which are in the North part of America. Perhaps this is because of the larger religious base in the south. Religion and homosexuality usually conflict greatly today; it is probably one of the largest reasons that gay marriage is not legalized in every country/ state yet. The main argument is that is it stated in the bible that it is wrong to be gay. In my opinion, certain things in the bible can be interpreted in vastly different ways. Also, everyone’s religion and interpretation is different, so who is to say what’s correct and incorrect? Religion, along with sexuality is a lifestyle choice that differs from person to person. So shouldn’t the two be separate to an extent? If the government is supposed to be secular, why, then, is religion holding us back from making gay marriage legal in at least the United States?
For some, it is against their moral standards. Well, let me try and explain it a little by putting you in the place of a homosexual who is discriminated against. How would you feel if you were ashamed to love or be attracted to who you have feelings for because other people believe it’s wrong? People lose contact with their parents and other relatives because they cannot simply grasp the idea that their child/relative is attracted to the same sex. How would you feel to have people you once called your friends shun you because they do not agree or share your feelings, pretty awful, right? Last time I checked, we are all living, feeling human beings that deserved to be treated with the equality that our government promises everyone. Somewhere in the chain, the cycle needs to be broken to help contribute to worldwide acceptance for a better future. It’s actually quite relatable to racism in a way; or prejudice to a certain religion. History always repeats itself?
Furthermore, think about if you were in a situation where your friend, parent, sibling, or relative admitted to being gay. Would they be a different person than they were before? Would you look at them differently? Sure, it may take a while to get used to, but would it really be a problem worth alienating, and isolating them from your life? Hopefully, acceptance will find its way into families in this situation, creating a better life overall for everyone involved. I’d like to think that maybe I gave someone (maybe someone struggling to cope with the coming out of someone close to them) a second thought on the conflict of gay marriage, and breaking the cycle of hate.

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