Colors of America

May 24, 2011
Everyone knows the colors of America; red, white, and blue of course! We all know the symbolism of these colors and whatt they mean to our country, but whatt do they mean to the American citizens as individuals. Red, to me symbolizes the blood of our men and women that our country has lost fighting for its freedom. Blue stands for the sorrow and mourning our country, and me as an individual has gone through because of wars or attack as in WWII or 911. Blue reminds me of a sad blues jazz song that makes you think of New Orleans and grief. White is symbolic of the pure youth and innocence that defined our country in its earliest days. If you can personally define all these colors with your own unique definitions then that shows true patriotism. Some people define patriotism as flying a flag on the holidays, being able to recite the preamble, or just memorizing the bill of rights, and saying that you support the nation with signs in your yard campaigning for your new favorite politician. Patriotism is not whatt you show on the outside but whatt you think and personally feel on the inside. Patriotism is not about who wins the election or whether you celebrate memorial day by flying your American flags; it is believing in your country and thinking about whatt that politician will so with their new position and not what they did in the past. Patriotism is honoring our veterans who have lost their lives and whose blood has been spilled for your freedom. It doesn't even matter if agreed with the war in which they served it only matters if you support their decision to protect you.

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Kaleighgirl97 said...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 10:20 am
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