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June 1, 2011
By CrossMyHeart SILVER, Cortland, Ohio
CrossMyHeart SILVER, Cortland, Ohio
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\"It does not do well to Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live\"-J.K. Rowling

The American Dream is different for every person. If you are a mother of children your dream might be for them to prosper and succeed, an artist’s dream might be one of success, and a person who is unemployed may have a dream for money and a stable home. Although all American Dreams are different, everyone has one. We all have a dream to strive for, something that we want to accomplish before we die.

Here in America we have freedom. Our dreams are mostly those that help us and our society. However, in other countries there dreams are different. In a country that doesn’t get to choose their rights or have freedom, their dream might be one to be free. In a country where your child is taken away and you don’t get to see them grow older your dream would be one for them. Where you live and what you have could change what your dream is to you.

Could a person say that someone else sets their standards in life too high? Well, it is your life. What draws the line between high standards and low standards? Is owning a fancy car and a nice house considered too high of a standard? Would barely making minimum wage and living in an apartment to low of a standard? I don’t think there is a line between too high or too low of a standard. Your dream is yours. Who is to tell you how to live and what to strive for?

No ones dream can be in the wrong place. It is just where they want it. No one is to set standards for your life and what to do. So set your dream where you want it, no dream is too big or small, find it and live for it.

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