Gun Control: A Burden or a Blessing?

June 1, 2011
By , Plymouth, NC
Millions of people die from guns each year. People with families, friends, loved ones. People kill animals for sport, not always for food. Killing an animal and leaving it there is NOT an accomplishment. More and more Facebook statuses and "Tweets" are becoming "Outside shooting at a bird, LOL!" It is not a laugh out loud matter. Several people say they have a right to bear arms, but did our founding fathers, wanting a free country, want guns to be used for evil? I can understand military use, and hunting for food, but why take guns further than that? In a split second, simply moving your finger, you can change someone's life, or even end it. Children, as low as first graders, are sometimes given guns. This can cause disaster. MY closest friend was shot in the head by her own brother, thinking that "Safety" on his be-be gun meant that it wouldn't shoot. She is living, but can't get her head near a magnet, because the bullet is still in her head and magnetic. This happens to other children, even resulting in death. Guns are used for evil more than they are used for good. after all this, is limiting gun use BURDEN? I think not! There should be age limits, regardless of how badly a child wants to go hunting with Daddy. You should go through a training, as if learning to drive. Any sign of misuse and guns would be taken away. If it is SO terrible to go out and train to use a gun safely, then you don't deserve the gun. You'd have to show your license to purchase a gun. Would this be so awful? I believe it would be a blessing, saving millions of lives, of humans AND animals!

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M0429 said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 8:25 pm
first of all, when your hunting, your not just out shooting fluffy little rabbits left and right, it takes a long time to establish which trails deer are currently using, and even when you have a deer in your sights you have to establish the age and sex of the deer to make sure that it is a legal kill. that in adition to dense brush and difficulty to make an acurate shot gives the deer as good a chance of surviving as you do of making the kill.  then once you have made the kill, you don't l... (more »)
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