May 31, 2011
By Sejla Sabanovic BRONZE, San Jose, California
Sejla Sabanovic BRONZE, San Jose, California
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The slightest mention of the word DMV just makes me go nuts! The long waits in line just so you can get nothing accomplished, the poor operating system and working hours are just ridiculous. Getting a license is probably one of the most exciting experiences a 16 year old could go through, but having to go to the DMV and going through the whole process makes it very unpleasant.

For starters, the working hours are the worst. They work until 5 p.m, Monday through Friday and are closed on the weekend. Most people are busy on the weekdays since they either have work or have to go to school, and that normally finishes close to 5 o’clock. On Saturday and Sunday, when people have time, the DMV is closed. Their working hours make it impossible for most citizens to come and get things done for their car. There are loads of drivers out there who need to get things for their cars and many more people who would like to get their license. Are people not suppose to go to work or miss school just to pay a visit to the DMV?

To top off their unreasonable times, they are always so busy and packed. Costumers stand in line for about an hour on average just to get things done but that is only when they do not have an appointment. If you have an appointment you still have to wait an extra half hour. You can schedule an appointment at the DMV by either going to their offices, going online or through their phone operating system. When you go to their offices to schedule the appointment, the waiting period is extensively long, so scheduling online would be easier. However, their appointment services have glitches on the website and it twitches out and the appointment does not get scheduled. The last way people can book an appointment is by the phone, where a previously recorded machine is talking. Sometimes the machine does not hear a person talking so it restarts the process all over again. We don’t have that much time on our hands to have to take this long for something that is so simple. Personally, I think this is a horrible operating system because most people are left helpless and have to go through a big process just to schedule an appointment and sometimes it can’t be done.

From my past visits to the DMV, I’ve noticed that the workers have horrible manners. When I asked what window I have to go to for my permit test the lady rudely told me to look at the TV screen. I, being so nervous, did not even realize that there was a screen where all the information was. Even if I did, that is no way to talk to a costumer, let alone a person. I have also learned from friends and family that some DMV’s workers have made racist remarks toward them while they were taking their driving test. I know that I would now want to be in a car with someone who made a comment like that to me, especially when I’m extremely nervous for even taking the test.

All in all, the DMV is a place where I would want to spend as less time as possible. Their lack of a good operating system, working times, long waits and some rude employees is enough to make anyone stay away. The Department of Motor Vehicles should get take their complaints into consideration and do something to be able to fix it. I want to be able to go to the DMV and not have to worry about anything because the more time I spend at the DMV the more insane I go.

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