Do we need violence?

May 22, 2011
By J.V.Three BRONZE, Commack, New York
J.V.Three BRONZE, Commack, New York
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I all ways try to avoid violence for many simple and obvious reasons but there’s one thing I don’t get about violence. Why do we resort to it? Fights, battles, wars. Why do we always have to fight? I just don’t get it. Is it possible we’re just born that way?

I’m starting to think that.

Let’s say a little child (boy or girl) around five years old has a toy. Another child sees and wants that toy so he or she will take it from them. The child is probably going to fight to keep or take back his or her toy. Aren’t we the same? When we see something being taken away don’t we fight back?

War is another example. It is against the law to murder someone but we do it in war all the time. If someone shoots someone and kills them they’ll most likely go to jail but if the army does it and kills hundreds of people they’re seen as heroes and honored. Isn’t war just justified murder? Isn’t it like saying “go kill these people and you’ll get money.”?

Maybe it’s in our nature. Animals are violent too and aren’t we just animals living in this world too.

Why do we resort to violence? Are we just naturally violent? Is it possible to resolve our problems without it? Am I the only one who thinks we don’t need violence in this world?

The author's comments:
I keep thinking of an amazing world in my mind. One with endless possibilities, Then I hear about wars and I come crashing back to reality.

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