Born That Way

May 19, 2011
By joe.hayden085 SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
joe.hayden085 SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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“Just because you are predisposition does not mean you have to do it”. This quote has been lingering in my mind for quite some time. It had me thinking that, acting upon a thought that is not socially acceptable is not right even if you were born to it.

Ever since I went to church that day the words of the preacher has been on constant replay. His quote was imbedded into my brain. With all the pop culture, songs, and television shows pushing for being who you were born to be it is hard to realize what is morally right. As the generations move on we tend to forget that we as a society are become more tolerant to things that are wrong. How can one judge what is morally wrong though? We would have to look at the society and figure out what practices they perform in their daily life, because come on… if we went to the villages in Africa and went in suits they would think we were gods and we would think they were weird for bowing to us. So as a society we are very lenient on many things. We have the mindset of “It’s not my life why should I care for what they do?”. most of us have been there I am sure, and quite frankly most of us are self centered. This is what pop culture has done to us. We have went from looking out for each other in the 1920 to wanting to have the best of the best in 2011. If we were to guess with all the new television shows. like Glee, pushing for equality in society and Lady Gaga’s the queen of self acceptance we tend to play the card for “Being born that way”, that we have to deal with it. This is far from being true. It mostly comes to the bottom line of laziness, and not putting the effort into changing for the better of society.

As a society, we work as a team. If one gear in the machine doesn’t work, the whole machine malfunctions, but we forget about this. If we are not responsible individuals how can we expect the whole society to be orderly? This could also tie into respect. If we are being respectful to others and their property how can we get mad at others for persecuting us for being disrespectful? I guess we can just be obstinate and set ourselves into denial to get through the day, but getting through isn’t enough. As humans we need others to survive. Every once in a while we need a shoulder to cry on and a person to lift us up. Cause come on, we all make mistakes and we all stumble. The thing with society today is that there is no one there anymore to cry on or to lift us up, because look at the cut-throat job market. If anything when we get out there, the world is only going to be filled with “Fakes” and “Back stabber”.

I was driving around town and one of my good friends has a problem with ADHD. No he does not take medication, because he believes that that is who he is and why should he change for other? Well I guess this comes to the second paragraph about actions being socially unacceptable, and he does not like to sit still, he just can not do it. He calls it boring and literally becomes defiant when he gets bored. He begins to throw trash outside the car and messes with my gear shift. I repeatedly tell him not to mess with me while I am in my car, but he denies the fact of it being wrong to do all this. Being disrespectful in society today is not socially acceptable, and he not taking medication is irresponsible and causes a dysfunction in society.

Being stubborn and being obstinate by not realizing, and not trying to change yourself for the better of society, just because you believe that you were born that way is bad. Still acting on it, even when they know it is socially unacceptable is not right. We need to try to make our society a utopia for everyone and try to rid ourselves of our imperfections, but the question still remains, “What is morally wrong?”

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fixing our personal problems to cause the society we live in to become a Utopia

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