Aren't there more important matters than commandeering my guns?!

May 7, 2011
The world is engulfed in chaos. Libya may very well turn into another Iraq, or the rebels into another Mujahedeen/Taliban. We just got new info by killing Bin Laden on other Al-Qaeda leaders. Al-Alawki is still out there, as well Quadaffi. The economy is still in the toilet as much as some people want to ignore it. Ecological maniacal takeover, where people are becoming(in the eyes of the EPA) less important than endangered animals, or even normal animals and environments(although this is very subtle and not widely believed to be true.) But still, one of the biggest items on the Progressive-Liberals’ list and the current administration’s is Gun Control.

Our guns are under attack. Our opponents are those who feel them morally and physically dangerous and want to control our choices. This sounds like a cliché, but “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” It’s true. As much as someone wants to deny it, unless you point a gun at someone and pull the trigger; or drop it by accident and it goes off it won’t hurt you. Trying to ban that is like trying to ban a sword or knife. And as for the second part, you need to know your way around something to be safe. Would you leave an irate tiger(loaded gun) near your kids? Or would you willingly step into a cage with a wild, hungry lion if you don’t know how to wrangle it or whatever you do with a lion. People need to know what they are doing before they should be allowed around guns, and some kids do where adults don’t, so I don’t like that argument either.

A huge argument of the opposition is that legal guns kill people is only a preface. Yes, it is true that legal guns are capable of killing a person, but illegal and stolen guns are used in most crimes. The people who have legal guns, and permits to carry them concealed are the ones who help others against crime, even if violence is necessary. Just like the passengers of the plane in 9/11 that fought back to save thousands by crashing the plane in a field. The people who carry guns do not need to wait for the police, they act, usually appropriately, and save good lives in the process, even if a criminal dies in the process… I could think of worse things that could happen.

But the big point of this is that, doesn’t the government have bigger jobs to do? They need to focus on the good of the people, not their own corrupt agendas.

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