Animal Abuse

May 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I know that The State of Maine needs stronger laws preventing the abuse of animals for mistreated animals. What I mean is that we should increase the punishment for animal abuse. I think it is unfair for the animals like they might have been abused for many years and the owners only go to jail for a couple of days and then they are doing it all over again. In this essay you will hear three reasons I say what I think about this topic and hopefully you might agree with my idea.

If we strengthen the law fewer animals will be hurt because their owner will be in jail and not with them hurting them. You might ask this question What type of complaints does the Animal Welfare Program receive? The types of complaints received were: No Shelter (173) Needs Medical Attention (173) No Food and/or Water (146) Thin (92) Filthy Conditions (81) Facility License (63) Abuse (52) Other (52) Improper Care (15). You see the problem is that we are increasing. on the official Maine state law there was In 2004 the 744 cases that were investigated by AWP that means Staff this was an increase of over 35% over 2003.

Truly to me animal abuse is like child abuse. The way I see it is like the owner’s are the animals parents and they hurting them for no reason and they can’t tell anyone. The maine state law puts parents that abuse children for 15 years why not do the same with animal abuse. I say that is an awesome because less animals will die because the animals will not be abused. Also they can’t buy any animal’s for the rest of their life.

on the other hand I know that the way the court system treats the criminals is not right. I say that they need to stay in jail much longer. For 15 years like child abuse. If the law is fixed there should be buildings where the animals that were abused should go to heal from the drama and suffer that they were always being hurt and they can sow them that not all humans are bad and after awhile then foster parents for animal’s can take them and only them not pet owners because. Then the foster parents for animals can teach them simple commands like sit, stay, lay-down and roll-over. Once that is done they can bath them feed them. Then they bring them to the pound so the people can adopt them. What I think that will help strengthen law by not letting the animals that were abused not to be able to hurt them or any other animals that they can get their hands on once they get out of jail.

In conclusion I did a survey and 58 out of the 92 or 93 people on the team that I’m on. There were enough people that responded to tell me so far that 42 people want the law to to be stronger when it comes to jail time. 6 people out of the 44 people that have responded said that the is strong enough or to strong. 10 people said the law is just right for animal abuse. In fact one person stated that they should go to jail for a life sentence. Now I might not sure that is over dramatic but I think that is a fair jail towards animals and animal lovers. One thing is for certain this is an important topic to talk about.

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Really like some comments to in prove.

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on Jun. 7 2011 at 9:21 am
matthew1234 BRONZE, Shapleigh M.E, Maine
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thanks for the thought.

on May. 25 2011 at 3:37 pm
Kelly-In-Wonderland GOLD, Westfield, New Jersey
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The numerical facts add strong evidence to support all of your insights. Your writing is informative, easy to read, and descriptive.

I love it and agree with you!

Hoxie1309 said...
on May. 17 2011 at 8:06 am
I too believe this is an important topic to talk about! Far too often people are not punished enough for animal abuse. I wish that more people cared as much as you!!

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