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May 4, 2011
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When you think about our world is a messed up place. Among my generation the things that are bad is “what’s up” and “cool”. I personally think that just because the next person does it doesn’t I have to. I believe in being a leader and not a follower. If my ancestors were followers and not leaders I would probably still be picking cotton out of the cotton field. Being you is what makes the world a better place, being different is what makes you unique. Just because everybody wears a certain name brand of clothing doesn’t mean I empty my pockets and waste unnecessary money on something I might soon grow out of. That is if not stupid, foolish. People now live for today and not tomorrow. I know that we are just teenagers but we have to grow up, we have to think with our brains and not are eyes. Twenty years from now no one will even remember what you wore and how “swaged up” you were. So the next time you buy a forty dollar pair of jeans just because it’s Hollister or American Eagle, think that you can pay way less on a pair of jeans that look exactly like the Hollister and American Eagle jeans just minus the name of the brand.
The music that teenagers and even some adults listen to corrupts are minds completely. I don’t want to name any artists but rappers nowadays degrade females entirely, and the bad thing about is the females are always dancing to the music that is disrespecting them. Rappers make money off of talking about what they do and how they do it in the bedroom, it’s utterly disgusting. Females as young as three and four is listening to men degrade them to nothing. Women down through history of been last and swept to the side, so I refuse to any listen to any man explain his doggish manners in the bedroom. Being in the United States females can do just about anything a man can do and on any terms will I let a man disrespect me.
All young teenage boys that listen to rap hear is: “I smoke that dro, those trees, that weed, and bitc* gotta lose those drawls…”
In that one line it’s telling young males how to they lose their brain cells and how to be disrespectful to women. I think the music some males listen to is a big part of why they are so out of control and wild. No one teaches boys how to be men that is dependable and strong, so generations through generation males grow older but not mature.
Mothers have children, then the children become teenagers and then the teenagers have children. Teenage mothers are so prevalent nowadays that they made a show for it. I think every teenager should watch that show because it shows that having children is not like having a baby doll and you just play dress up with it and carry it around. Every teenager I know lives with a parent because they can’t take care of their self. Common sense would tell you that if you can’t take care of yourself then you definitely can’t take care of a baby.

I'm going to end my thoughts on a good note, our generation is the most strongest, boldest, and creative generation there is, so we should act like we have sense. We have the resources and the knowledge to be the greatest generation there is. If we open our eyes to the big picture in life, we could be so successful in life. The generation before us left tracks for us, so now we have to leave tracks for the upcoming generation. We have to be leaders and not followers. We have to be the head and not tail. We have to on top and not bottom.
In the famous words of my Principal, Mr. Evans: "You are supremely intelligent". Meaning that you are smart in your way, everyone is intelligent within.
In the wise words of my Asst. principal, Ms. Moore: "Everybody is a g-genius" Meaning that you can look it up on google.

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