Crimes of the Media

May 1, 2011
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I've seemed to notice the increase in drink driving and crime lately. Most of these news reports feature young people, which seems that their being blamed for most of society's ills. I myself am a young person, and see this as a disgrace to all teenagers. But where do these rebellious acts come from?
The most obvious answer would be from the upbringing of these children. In my opinion, the media plays a significant role in the attitudes and behaviour of today's youth.
TV producers and network executives deny the fact that their programs have an impact on youth but still continue to spend millions on TV shows and films, trying to appeal young people. If their shows really don't have an influence, why would McDonalds use toys and cartoons to advertise their burger meals? Why would music labels increase the violence and sexual content targeted at young people?

Many cartoons which are usually targeted at smaller children sometimes portray violence. For example, a cartoon character that is constantly killed but keeps reappearing in the next cartoon episode, alive and well. It would be no surprise if a child who watched these cartoons acts violently and disruptive. But should we really blame the media for all this? After all, what about the parents and supervisors allowing their children to view such content?

As cliché as it may sound, all things have their good as well as their bad effects. In a similar way, the media does have it's good as well as bad effect on youth. Some cartoons actually have morals in them, showing children the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. The government has used the media has a way to show the negative effects of using drugs and drink driving.

The only practical way we can avoid children turning into that murder or drink driver on the news is by talking to them, to prevent them from choosing the wrong path. Parents must guide and educate their children about the issues in the society and what is wrong and right.
A line has to be drawn between negative and positive media, in the interest of the younger generation.

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kelseycoldtoes said...
May 19, 2011 at 9:47 am
I think you've got a real point here. After all, all year round, teens and young people are portrayed as vandals and tyrants, yet when it comes to exam results day, we're all the media is interested in.
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