No Habla Espaniol (spelling? Sorry)

April 21, 2011
I live in the southern US, and no, I'm not a redneck (though I can be) and no I don't walk around barefoot every where I go. However, I do have some so called "ignorant" views. One of these is the "press two for Spanish" issue. I believe that if you're going to live in a America, you should have to speak our language. English may be the hardest language to learn, but it's well worth it if you live in the United States. Where I live, in stead of requiring the few people who don't know English to learn it, the people that don't know Spanish must learn it.
I know, this sounds bad- Really bad. But I'm not asking someone to stop speaking Spanish (or what ever language they do speak) altogether. I'm simply asking that you learn English to cut down the communication barrier. Learning a new language isn't asking someone to give up their culture. I'm simply stating that it would make things easier for everyone to know the same language to help us understand.

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