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April 12, 2011
By Lady.J.xoxo GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Lady.J.xoxo GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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sex and pregnancy is a popular subject with teenagers well actually with anybody.I just want to share a little bit of my opinion's on that subject so here we go. an issue most teens have with sex is being into it.Theirs a lot of complications that can come with sex like getting pregnant, and sexually transmitted diseases and much more. Pregnancy is a hard thing to deal with especially when your to young and scared to let somebody know whats happening with you.One solution to all these problems is a word called abstinence and abstinence means refraining from sexual intercourse. It's a hard thing to do but most of the time because sometimes it can be tempting to break your vowel but you got to stay strong. But abstinence is not for everybody.But it's a good and safe way to go because losing your virginity is a hard thing to deal with but once it's gone you can never truly get it back. And another thing if you are pregnant and you are young maybe try talking with a consular or somebody close to you. well that's it for this subject.......

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