Advice on Bullying

April 12, 2011
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In the world today Bullying has been a big issue, it has lead to death and serious depression.So it's time to take some action, Yeah they have websites and things like that but that is rarely working.So i say again It's time to take some (REAL) action. You can start by paying attention first because people can sometimes over look the signs of bullying which are begin doing poorly in school, Afraid to go to school, Come home with things destroyed, Lack of confidence, ATTEMPTS SUICIDE, refuse to talk about what's wrong, have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches, and become aggressive and unreasonable. Another thing that parents do when their child is being bullied is going to talk to the principal about the person that is bullying their child but i see that as a mistake because It has no effect because what if the bully finds out the person that they are bullying told on them they would find them outside of school and tourment them even more. Telling the principal will just make things worst but in some cases it might work. The reason why bullying can go so far as too a person killing their self is because maybe their scared to tell a adult about whats going on, or maybe their ashamed of whats going on. Another good thing you can do when your child is depressed is take them to a therapist but for the parents leave your child alone with the therapist because they might not express much while you're there. (they might open up more with someone they don't know). For future advice visit some websites that might help you with bullying.

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