No Longer Invisible

April 12, 2011
By Taylorr.Diannn BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Taylorr.Diannn BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Right now in Africa there are hundreds of children being neglected, abused, and forced to kill. These are the Invisible Children and they need the help of everyone around the world. If the people of the world each did a small part we could save the Invisible Children from the torture they are enduring. The teenagers of America are included in the people who need to put effort into saving them. American teenagers should do everything in their power to help the Invisible Children.

One way to give aid to these suffering children is to join your school’s Invisible Children Club or create one if your school is not yet participating. The club will guide you in raising awareness and drawing attention to the atrocities going nearly unnoticed in Africa. Students in the club also have fundraisers and other activities to raise money. This is an easy way to do so much for those who have so little. All it takes is some of your time and you could be saving the lives of children.

Another, more direct way to help is to donate money. Giving money can quickly and effectively boost the conditions of the children’s living situations and education. The more knowledge the children gain, the easier it will be to end this tragedy.

One final, but perhaps more drastic way to assist is to make a trip to Africa. This is a way to see that the children receive the support you are trying to give. If this is a feasible action you will not only be able to bring much need supplies and encouragement directly to the place most effected; you will be leading be example as well.

The Invisible children need our help. They will never be able escape from the nightmare in which they are currently trapped without it. Don’t let being young stop you from seeing the difference you can make because, after all, we are the future. Do everything possible to support the Invisible Children.

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