Is It Worth It croosing into the U.S. from Mexico?

April 6, 2011
By Dianna BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
Dianna BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Many Mexicans cross the border illegally to get a better life. It is great crossing because it could lead to a new life and better. Crossing is worth it.
Many Mexicans “cross the border to get better jobs and do the ones that people don’t want to do”.( There are many jobs in the U.S. Many Mexicans are willing for work for less. “Most Mexicans come and do jobs white people don’t want to do” ( “They will work to get money. They would clean tables or restaurants or as delivery boys” ( to have money. They will work to get money and help with what they need. Think about the most things are helpful to them.
Mexicans also receive a better education in the U.S. In the U.S. education is free. You receive free textbooks though high school. Mexico has is ranked lower then the U.S. Mexico is 37 and the U.S. is 25 in education” ( “‘Here in the U.S. teachers are more focused on what you need help with. “The people learn more information on studying’” (Anonymous). So they get opportunities if they get an education. Many Mexicans came to make something of them or make something that there kid’s will like to do. To make and not be the same as there parents they always work to get something in the table to eat.
Crossing the border is worth it to get a better life. In the U.S. there better opportunities than in México so you study to get a job they want and not a one you can’t stand. Education will help you in your life a lot. There are many opportunities in the U.S. to make you get a better job or education this is why crossing there border is worth all that pain.

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