Bullying at its Breaking Point

March 28, 2011
By , roslyn heights, NY
Millions of kids all around the world are bullied every day. No matter where you live in the world there will always be bullies. The mental as well as the physical abuse the kids have to withstand is similar all around the world. What happens though when victims get to their breaking point? Do we tell an adult or allow the victims to fight their own battles?
The clichéd response from elders is that an adult should be told immediately. What adults don’t understand is that many times, telling elders just makes the victim more insecure about themselves. It makes them feel as if they are weak and incapable.
Casey Haynes, a 16 year old boy from Sydney, Australia has been bullied his entire life. Recently, he was taped to a pole. While being slapped and pushed by another student, Casey finally got to his breaking point and fought back. The teen immediately became an internet sensation when the video of him fighting against the bully got onto the web. I happen to commend him for sticking up for himself after so many years. Casey said the bullying, which included taunts about his weight, had taken a huge toll on his self-esteem. He even considered killing himself last year.
In an interview with A Current Affair Casey said "Everything just built up for three years and anger came out…I wasn't really thinking. I was just like,'Yay. Finally it's over'." Most teens don’t stick up for themselves because they are afraid of the consequences and torment they will face from their peers. The video that was posted online has been viewed by millions and is an inspiration to all who have been victimized by bullying.
No one deserves to be tormented because of their appearance. However, Haynes’ retaliations could have left permanent damage on the bully. Speaking on 2UE radio, adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said “…the increased focus on his case was likely to trigger even more bullying. Casey was still a minor and didn’t have the maturity to understand the impact of his appearance on TV…The chances of retaliation is now increased, and … it’s sending the wrong message around retaliation". Although fighting back is not always the best and most responsible solution, sometimes it’s the only way to end bullying and prevent it from happening to someone else.

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