Get Over It

March 22, 2011
Life. It’s a rough journey and I’m not sure it’s gunna get any easier. But we’ve only got one and it’s a BLESSING to be alive and breathing instead of completely nonexistent. So why are we complaining?
So your mom got onto you for messing something up. Maybe you wrecked her new car but you “Didn’t mean to”. What now? You’re whining because you don’t deserve the punishment. You don’t deserve to get grounded for three months because of something that wasn’t your fault. But think about that. Are you being reasonable? There are some people who don’t even have a mother to nag them to do better things. Some people don’t have a mother OR a father. Some people are all alone. And most of them would give anything to have someone to discipline them into doing the right thing. To help them along this bumpy road called “Young Adulthood”. So get over it.
Oh look there. Your room is too small and you don’t have enough room to put any of your new things. No room for your new guitar. No room for your new computer. No room for your new Christmas presents. It’s just so horrible. You just want to kill yourself because you don’t have anywhere to you can get some privacy. Seriously? Who are you kidding? There are other people out there who would kill for a room of ANY kind. Some people don’t even have a house to stay in. You know where they stay? On the streets. In cardboard boxes. In a dumpster beside an old restaurant. Don’t you get it? You’re lucky to have the luxury that is shelter from all storms! You’re lucky you aren’t on the streets begging for loose change! Begging for ANYTHING that can buy you a single loaf of bread to split between your whole family! Maybe you should consider trading shoes for a few days. Then you might realize how lucky you are. They are a lot worse off.! So get over it!
Oh no! Your coat isn’t the right shade of blue. It’s ugly and you would rather freeze to death than wear it. So you scream and cry and whine until mommy buys you a new one. Do you see yourself? Believe it or not…Some people don’t have a choice but to freeze to death! And I’m sure that they would be just ECSTATIC to trade places with you! To borrow that ‘ugly’ coat of yours! Just so long as it keeps them warm and out of the cold! So go ahead. Trade them. Give the coat to someone who wants it for warmth and not for style. Give it to someone who would give anything just for one extra layer of warmth. You’re just lucky you’ve even GOT a coat! So put it on and get over it!
Because we’ve got parents who love us. We’ve got shelter from the horrible weather that comes our way. We’ve got warmth and clothing to help us stay healthy and out of the freezing rain. This is what we’ve got and we’ve got to cherish it! Because one day YOU might be the one abandoned and alone. YOU might be the one without shelter. YOU might be the one without a coat to keep you warm and safe through the night. Life is life and we’ve got to live it right. So do yourselves a favor and just get over it!

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shygirl422 said...
Apr. 13, 2011 at 3:19 pm
wow.. i really liked this.. i think that this message should go out to everyone.. i'm not the kind of girl who crys to her mommy all the time but just by reading this, it put a big impact on me.. even though my ma and i don't get along very well, i should say thanks more often to her.. you're a really great writer..
The_Girl_Next_Door replied...
Apr. 15, 2011 at 4:03 pm
Aw thanks :)
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