No One Will Ever Measure Up

March 22, 2011
By xosarahdubxo BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
xosarahdubxo BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Thank you media, you’ve had the power to turn our teenage girls into monsters; trying to shrink every last part of them. You portray that the only image that is acceptable and “beautiful” is a thin as a board girl with no curves. It is this that sends innocent, naturally beautiful girls running into the bathroom after a meal so they can get rid of all of the carbs they just put into their body by sticking their fingers so far down their throats that they vomit. As a teenage girl, one of the only things that matter growing up is boys. In today’s age, a girl can not feel beautiful and wanted by the opposite sex without being as thin as all of the girls that they see in the magazines. Open one magazine and you will see a scandalously dressed women who is about 100 pounds and articles upon articles about loosing weight. These are huge factors contributing to teenagers no longer having the ability to feel beautiful.

It is almost like a punch in the gut when you watch television shows and you do not find one character that is overweight unless they are the loser who everybody makes fun of. I do not know one teenager who is happy with their entire body. Every girl envies those who they think have a perfect body but when you talk to that one girl, they will pick themselves apart just to find something that is wrong. These are the effects of media only showing very underweight ladies. In my eyes, a girl would appreciate herself just as she is if they didn’t constantly have weight loss ad’s being thrown in their faces everywhere they turn.

It is not only the slim body type that everyone strives for but it is also the blonde hair and blue eyes that is another thing that is built into the image of the “ideal woman”. I think that it is a shame because hair colors such as brown and red are so beautiful yet the ones who are blessed with these colored hairs feel that they need to bleach and kill their hair to fit into the “beautiful” women. Media, you’ve killed the individuality of our teenage girls.

“I need to loose weight” “I wish I looked like her” “This dress makes me look fat” “How can I hide my muffin top” “I’m so fat!!” Girls, if these are thoughts that run through your head then STOP. Look at yourself in the mirror just for who you are. Forget all of the magazines that you’ve looked at, forget all of the things that everyone else has and you don’t, just forget it all. No matter what the magazine and television shows, you will always be beautiful just as you are.

Finally, the last way media is effecting our teenage population is with the make-up that they are putting on the models that are in the magazines. Young girls are starting to wear make-up at such a young age when they are naturally beautiful. It is a shame because we are corrupting our young girls and trying to target them as young as we can so that growing up, they will be created into the “dream women” that we are all aiming to be. I feel like the people who are publishing these magazines try to put out all of these beauty tips because they are too old to change their own appearance. It is really a shame that media has had such a big impact on our girls and it is for the worst. Like I mentioned, teenage individuality is dead because of media and the way that they portray “beautiful”.

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This article is about media and how it has impacted our teenage population

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