Body Image & the Media

March 22, 2011
By teenink1 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
teenink1 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Girls fall into the trap of trying to be someone they are not due to the media and press. Watching television, movies and reality shows force people, especially young women to have high expectations on themselves. Almost every girl receives the message that their bodies and looks are not good enough because of what they are surrounded by. The media and press is everywhere and affect our culture and society daily.

There is no such thing as natural beauty today in most women. Usually you see faces covered in makeup to hide imperfections. Advertisements are everywhere for different kinds of makeup, and ways to cover things up. The media is also used to offer surgery and diets for women that are self- conscious about their weight or physical appearance. Women have become props for the media that sell products.

Girls often compare themselves to models and celebrities due to what they seen on TV. Their goals are not attainable but to make them more realistic girls may purchase the newest beauty products. The diet industry makes large profits due to women. The meaning of true beauty lying within is completely lost nowadays. It is buried underneath brainwashing, edited photos, and pointless material objects.

Girls look in the mirror and compare themselves. If they don’t meet up to their own standards they may go to the extreme to accomplish them. Some women are even affected by health issues. Anorexia and other eating disorders are a large result of women being self conscious about their bodies. Even Bulimia is a popular disease within women causing them to throw up after they eat or drink. Sadly, suicide is also a know result of trying too hard to be the “picture of perfection” in some women’s eyes.

The main target is teenage girls. Some girls are still unsure of who they really are inside and are struggling to find out who they are trying to become. Everywhere they look there is a new influence telling them what is the new “in” thing to do and what is not.

Even the most perfect girl is insecure on the inside and will find at least one thing wrong with them. Even some models have thoughts about not being good enough while other people look at them thinking that they are the most beautiful people in our society. The editing for the ads on TV, and computers, set such high standards for women that want to look like that. It opens the eyes of everyone when they see even models complaining about their natural beauty.
As a result of our society’s media and press women have lost so much. They have lost their true identity. Unfortunately, some women take it so far as even losing their health. Together as women, we can unite and fight back against what we see in the media and on the TV’s. We can save lives and prevent this from reoccurring. If every girl took off their makeup there would be nothing to compare to separate each other. Though it is the fault of the press and media for making these high standards for women, women should be their own person and stand up for themselves even if they are standing alone because it is what is right.

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