The Death Penalty

March 14, 2011
The Death penalty is a very controversial subject in many people’s eyes. But to me, it’s not really a big deal. Many people do bad things and get in to trouble when they are young, but that’s when they should’ve learned the wrongs of life. When you’re an adult your completely responsible for yourself. You live on your own, think on your own, and get to do whatever you want. With these freedoms also comes a lot of responsibility. Most people don’t end up murdering and raping people when they are older, but quite a few do. The death penalty is designed to take the lives of people that took other peoples lives/ and or sexually assaulted them.

Many people think that the death penalty is cruel and unusual, but many experts believe that this is a fair punishment. Yes, most people view it as wrong and unconstitutional but they are benefitting from the death penalty. Each person who lives under the roof of our state and federal prison costs an average of 40 thousand to 50 thousand dollars each year. That is not even including medical treatment if fights broke out and people were hurt. Each prisoner obviously costs a lot of money. Guess who gets to pay for the millions of dollars? Our parents do now, and as soon as we can live on our own and get a job, we get to pay for it!

The death penalty executes prisoners who are deserving of this consequence. When most people go into prison they fight it hard. But once they are in there, they use their time to realize what they did. Only some of them actually reflect though. In 2006 they surveyed prisoners in a California federal prison. The survey included a question asking if they had been in jail before for a crime of the same nature. 59% of the prisoners that took this survey said that yes they had been in jail for the same crime and said they weren’t going to be back. But look where they ended up, under the support of working Americans tax dollars. When these prisoners are executed, we don’t have to pay for them anymore.

The process that most people prisons use is Lethal Injection. This is the easiest and painless way to get rid of these criminals. The process has been proven not to hurt because they did a low dosage survey on 10 criminals (they signed a waiver). Each criminal was closely monitored and watched as the drugs were injected. The prisoners felt sleepy but the dosage was not enough to completely put them out. 10 out of the 10 prisoners all said that the part that hurt the most was the tiny needle that was inserted. The needle is barely the size of an IV.

With the Death penalty people do die, and no its never good when someone is dying. But after being in prison for a long while they either realize that they deserve this for the actions they committed, or they are tired of being in jail for so long this is kind of an easy way out. Overall the Death Penalty isn’t really a bad deal, to the prisoners or the American tax payers.

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OneBlackGirl said...
Apr. 2, 2011 at 5:54 am
I was taught that the death penelty had pros and cons. One pro is that if a man (or woman) takes another's life, his life is supposed to be taken. One con is that I was taught it actually costs more to keep someone on death row. Everytime they file for appeal (which they most likely do) it costs millions (I think, I'm doing this from memory) of dollars. And keeping someone on death row, (if i remember correctly) costs more than just putting them in jail.
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