Mankind Different But The Same

February 28, 2011
White, African American, Asia, Spanish, Chinese, Asian, the list goes on, we are different, but we are the same. We may look different but a man is still a man, just like a woman is still a woman. What amazes me the most was how a group of citizen can work together? Looking back at what our ancestors did, it really makes you think or wonder; where are we or where do we stand in this generation. Or why can’t we all just get along with one another? Maybe it’s because mankind has gotten lazy. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT L-A-Z-Y! Lazy even as I type this article the computer corrects all of my mistakes instead of me correcting them myself, like they did in thee old days with typewriters, which we seem to no longer have. So why can’t Americans, Europeans, foreigners get along. Well that’s easy, because of prejudice and stereotypes. Fear and hate is a terrible thing unfortunately.

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