Genetic Experiments

March 7, 2011
By , Carson City, NV
Does using special biodegradable fibers sound more humane than using actual human embryonic cells in genetic engineering experiments for human limbs? Biodegradable fibers are used in some genetic engineering experiments instead of reproducing human cells. These fibers are placed in an animal which carries out the process of producing the limb that is needed. Scientists used a rat to produce a human ear on its back, with a special fiber that was in the mold of a human ear. The mold was biodegradable, that would dissolve and then start growing from the blood that was being passed from the rat to the molded ear. This experiment, like others have been tested because there have been accidents where people are left without a limb. When scientist see an opportunity to make an advancement in any science field they jump at it. No matter what the cost is, whether it is money or animal testing.

Do scientist think about what happens when an experiment don’t work. Do they expect people to wait until they get something right. Animal rights activists rally at buildings that run experiments on animals, especially experiments that are on genetic engineering because protesters think that scientists push their limits on animal experiments. Scientist use rats in most experiments, because they have an immune system that was able to produce what was needed for the ear to properly grow. Would you sign up for a clinical experiment knowing that you might not survive, or you might but you will have to live with a body disorder for the rest of your life? The animals are not being harmed but this only shows that when scientists want to have bigger experiments, they ask humans to participate in experiments that might better the world. Experiments are taking place around the world were animals have no voice in what happens to them.

Genetic Engineering is the use of human cells to make a specific need for a body part, which is can be used to regenerate lost tissue, organ, or organism. There is another type of genetic experiments that are being conducted; it is the use of bacteria. This bacteria or a special type of chemicals that are used to make genetically made food. These types of experiments are used because scientists are making edible food, to seeing what kind of reaction that they get from people. The genetically made food can be dangerous, because the scientists don’t know what kinds of bad effects that these foods can bring. Genetic experiments, either they are conducted in Petri dishes or for the help of an animal hold many unknown dangers and the common people don’t know what they are.

Genetic Engineering should be experiments that don’t involve animals so the product will be something that scientists can say they made without any help of a living thing. In Texas December 21, 2001 scientist cloned a cat named Rainbow. Before scientist have tried cloning barnyard animals like cows and goats, and sheep. Dolly, who was the most famous cloned sheep that is known, was just one successful of a genetic experiment. Rainbow’s clone in called CC which stands for carbon clone. These animals only become famous because they are unique, even though they are clones. The are unique because they are an experiment that went perfect. When I think about what is wrong about the experiments in genetic experiments is this, scientist have done experiments from barnyard animals like sheep cow, and goats to house animals like the cat from Texas. My point is that scientists have being moving up, they might go from cats to man’s best friend, the dog, to man himself. Scientist might go too far, using humans in these genetic experiments, and get a result that will be more significant than the loss of a mouse or cat.

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