Teen loneliness through Steinbeck's novel of mice and men

March 4, 2011
By Anonymous

The very definition of loneliness is a feeling of isolation, and abandonment, In the short story, “Of Mice and Men” loneliness is one of the many themes. Steinbeck s novel is about two men, George and Lennie, during the great depression. They want to start a ranch, but are delayed by many trials, and hardships along the way. Loneliness is very present throughout this novel, on the most obvious level we see this isolation when the ranch hands go into town on Saturday night to ease their loneliness with alcohol. Others examples of emptiness, are when Lennie goes into Crook's room to find someone to talk to, Loneliness is very real and present today, especially in the lives of teens.

Although the loneliness of teens may not be the same isolation as seen in Steinbeck s novel; it is still serious. Society today is much more complex then it was during the great depression. For example, there is technology so advanced that you do almost anything on your i-phone or whatever the case may be. Loneliness is a growing problem, because many teens think that they can use technology to get friends. You may think teens aren’t lonely? Your teenage years are the best years of your life? But let me explain just how a teen can feel unwanted, and lonely. I think the biggest thing is not feeling accepted , which brings us back to Steinbeck s novel, where Lennie feels unaccepted because he is different.

Technology is another big problem, connecting teens with each other over the phone instead of face to face. How can you see your friends facial expressions over the phone, or look them in the eyes? Well, the answer is you can't, and that is why so many teens are experiencing feelings of isolation. “John Borg attests that human communication consists of 93% percent body language and cues,while only 7% of communication consist of words themselves.” Humans need each other, we crave companionship with others, just like in Steinbeck s novel when George and Lennie want others to talk to to hide the feeling of solitude.

Although Steinbeck s novel is set during the great depression and the loneliness is not the same as it is today; we can still piece together the loneliness of today and the loneliness of then, and realize that it it not meant to be, or last forever. While some of us may experience feelings of loneliness, it is important to communicate what we feel to someone we can trust for help, and encouragement. It is also important to hold on to your dreams, just like George and Lennie.

The author's comments:
This paper is my thoughts on why teens are lonely, tied in with a short story that I read for school, of mice and men by Steinbeck, the theme for the story was loneliness

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