A Dark Path

February 4, 2011
By Zacatak BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Zacatak BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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In our everyday lives we encounter new people, and no matter what we will always have a first impression. This first impression can go numerous ways, whether it is if we like the clothes they wear, or if we go as far as to decide what we think about their personalities. We are all guilty of some degree of judging or bullying others without even giving them a chance, though person.

There are profuse amounts of people in the world who enjoy judging others, or starting rumors about them. These people also like to bully, teasing the victims, threatening them, or many other things. It develops from simply making fun of their clothes to insults about their body, personality, family, and any range of things. Eventually the judging concept goes out the window and the situation becomes full blown bullying, and the affects begin to worsen.
As the bullying becomes a constant problem, it even affects people psychologically. The victims feel like they’re not good enough, or like there is an actual standard they have to meet to be what they see as good enough. They are constantly harassed by the bullies, and each day it only gets worse. The teens that fall subject to this can sometimes take it to the next level, suicide. We can see that the problem gets worse by the day it seems, in 2001 alone the total number of suicide in America was 30,622. It all starts because people don’t give others a chance, and the results can turn into the destruction confidence, self worth, or even a life.

The people who make the decisions of whether or not someone is “good enough” are just terrible people to me. They don’t value others for who they are, and refuse to give them a chance. We all have to learn to accept everyone for who they are. Although we can’t say for sure that this is possible, we have to be there for the unfortunate victims. To me, the whole situations reminds me of the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

The author's comments:
I have seen bullying go on in many places, and it sickens me.

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