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February 4, 2011
By AncaB BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
AncaB BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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An abundant number of people have now become overly dependent on cell phones. Whether it is for business purposes or just personal use, cell phones are being over used. Many cell phones users do not even notice how much cell phones impact their daily lives and those around them.
When was the last time anybody took a walk and enjoyed the great outdoors? Individuals these days are so attached to their cellular devices that they do not notice the simplest things. People are so preoccupied on cell phones these days, that they do not notice the simplest things. Try putting down that cell phone every once in a while and enjoy some fresh air and a nice walk.
Parents give their children phones as young as ten years old. If they think that they are doing something good for their children, they are way off. If a child becomes dependent on a phone at such a young age, imagine how attached they will be later on in life. Give children freedom and trust them. When cell phones were nonexistent, children would be running around outside, and no parent would have a cell phone on which to reach them. They were perfectly fine and that also helped them build skills that they would need later on in life. Parents now need to trust their children and not worry about them having cell phones at such a young age.
Putting down a cell phone and spending more time with the family is not going to hurt anyone. It would bring everyone a lot closer and help build stronger relationships amongst the family. Children would get to spend more time with their families and inspire them to be better parents later on in life. While we all acknowledge the fact that cell phones are part of day-to-day life, I urge you to put them down and spend some time with the family or enjoying the outdoors.

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