We Are All Cowards

February 3, 2011
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How many times have you been walking into Publix when a dirt and sweat smeared face begs you for your spare change. Most turn up their noses in disgust. I have witnessed you yell words such as "get a job, dirty slob". How can you say this? We are supposed to be a country founded on equlity and fairness. Is it equal or fair that this girl is homeless and you aren't? You'd be begging for a change if you had to walk a mile in her shoes. You are a coward.

Now, people may say that it is her fault she is homeless. It probably has something to do with drugs. Right? Well i somewhat agree with you on that one. There i said it. Your statement hold water. Why do you think she started doing drugs? It is either because she coudn't say no or she couldn't deal with her own life problems. She is a coward.
Her life problems. Where did these come from? Mr. All That, her boyfriend, said it be fine. He knew what he was doing. Well he lied and got her pregnant. When she told him the news he left her alone and scared. He is a coward.
I am sitting here. Afraid to let people read my writing. Afraid of what they will think. Wishing for their approval. Everyone's approval. My parents. my classmates,the drugged-out homeless woman, all of them. I am afraid to speak my own voice. I am a coward.

The reason I am afraid to speak my voice? Everyone will put me down in their own way to boost their self esteem. Maybe its good, maybe they need it. We are all cowards.

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