Sex Education

February 3, 2011
By brian carroll BRONZE, Louisville, Colorado
brian carroll BRONZE, Louisville, Colorado
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Sex Education in Schools

Sex is a very touchy subject, no question about it. Humans are one of the only species to use sex recreationally, instead of the sole ability to reproduce to ensure survival of one’s kind. The media encourages this view of sex. Music, television, books and movies barrage the public with different views and opinions of sex. It is not a mystery why teenagers become confused about this complicated process. Sex education classes should remain to be taught in schools across America because they offer clarification, knowledge and a comfortable understanding of sex.

Schools must continue teaching sex education courses in order to educate students about the facts and risks of sex at a very confusing time in their lives. Middle school students are all at very different stages in their lives. Some are very familiar with sex while others remain oblivious. Some students develop an early interest in dating with others will wait until they are older. Whichever the case, it is important to educate all students on the risks and facts of sex. A sex education class may help clarify what sex actually is for a 6th grader, or may educate an 8th grader about the benefits of using a condom. Sex education courses will help put all students on the same page. This class is not meant to be perverted, but informative about a mature topic students may have questions about. Without a sex education class in school, students would be forced to learn about sex through their misguided friends. High schoolers should learn about sex because they are also at a very developing stage in their lives. A senior is much more mature than a high school freshman, so it is important to educate younger students who may be overwhelmed by upperclassmen or their friends. It is also necessary to have sex education classes in high school to educate young men and women are confused or questioning their own sexual orientation. Lastly, it is important to inform high school students about the emotional and physical risks of having sex. It is important to continue sex education classes in schools to clarify and educate young students about

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